free preset


Simply a better Glow than the one in AE, and for free!

for After Effects

Glow Plus is a free preset for After Effects. With a simpler interface than the in-built Glow, it has more features like : better control of the glow intensity and size, horizontal and vertical glow, flickering effect and nice overlays (dirt, dust, smoke).

With the default preset, Grunge Maker comes with 3 different presets.

for AE CC 2017 & up

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1. Download it

2. Unzip ad copy/paste the folder THE WAENDERER in :
PC –  Program Files / Adobe / After Effects XX / Support Files / Presets
MAC –  Applications / ADOBE After Effects XX / Presets
(if you already have a THE WAENDERER folder, simply copy/paste the content of this folder)


1. Click on a layer.

2. Type “tw ” in the searchbar of the Effects & Presets window OR FX Console and select the preset you want.


Like Glow, Glow Plus works better on an adjustment layer and with a black background.
Yet, if you have one layer with Glow Plus, set the Blending Mode to Add.
If you have several layers, precomp them and set this Precomp to Add.

  Made with Glow Plus !