free preset


Create unique Text Boxes with just 1 preset and animate them in 1 click !

for After Effects

Easy Text Box is a free preset for After Effects which creates a text box behind your text layer. Yep, there are a bunch of tools out there doing it too but this one is free, it’s 1 preset only (no extra layers in your comp) and it has nice and unique features :

  • Add pattern to your text box
  • Add transition and animation automatically
  • Add gradient, skew your text and more…

With the default preset, Easy Text Box comes with 3 different presets.

for AE CC 2017 & up


1. Download it

2. Unzip and copy/paste the folder THE WAENDERER in
PC –  Program Files / Adobe / After Effects XX / Support Files / Presets
MAC –  Applications / ADOBE After Effects XX / Presets
if you already have a THE WAENDERER folder, simply copy/paste the content of this folder)


1. Create a text layer with your text and its right font and color.

2. Type “tw ” in the searchbar of the Effects & Presets window OR FX Console and select “Easy text Box“.

REMARK : Make sure the anchor point of your text layer is centered. To do so : Layer / Transform / Center Anchor point.