free template


Add a 2nd aspect to your bokehs!

for After Effects

Bokeh Distortion is a template which lets you add a 2nd aspect ratio to your bokehs. I’m sure you’ve seen this photography shot with an old lens like Leica, and the shape of the bokeh  at the border is different… They’re not round, rather oval. Well, this template let you do this and more!

Don’t be shy and dare distort your bokeh and invent weird new blurs!

Keep in mind this is in NOT a plugin, just a classic template AE project file with a comp where you add your footage and a final render comp with a control layer.

for AE CC 2017 & up


1. Download it

2. Create or open your project in AE

3. IMPORT Bokeh Disortion.aep

DO NOT OPEN the project directly in AE. If you mess with it, you’ll have to download it again :/


1. Place your footage in the Footage comp

2. Settings are in the Bokeh Distortion comp on the Settings layer

DO NOT COPY/PASTE the Bokeh Distortion effect. This is not a plugin. Reimport the project if you want to use with another footage.

For AE2020 & up, if you have Expression errors, make sure your Expressions Engine is set to Legacy ExtendScript : File / Project Settings / Expressions.


Bokeh Distortion lets you set 2 different aspect ratios with the Bokeh 1 and the Bokeh 2 Aspect Ratio settings.

You can create your own Bokeh distortion map using the Bokeh Map setting.